Oleotour Cazorla Museum

It has a perfect recreation of a historic oil mill preserved in perfect condition from the first half of the 20th century.

As if it were about stopping time, the museum has been designed to the smallest detail to show how it worked. Here you can observe the entire process of making EVOO, from the machinery used, to the transformation of the fruit and its different forms throughout the process.

EVOO Can Guitar

Cazorla is the cradle of international art and blues, we cannot deny that. For this reason, we want to honor him with the greatest treasure: “a Guitar made with the world’s largest EVOO Containers, The EVOO Can Guitar”.

An impressive treasure unique in the world with more than 4 meters in length, a symbol of the union between culture and agriculture. A sculpture that pays tribute to art, creativity and of course, one of the most important Blues festivals in the world, “El Blues Cazorla”.