Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Sierra de Cazorla

The Sierra de Cazorla offers its olive grove some differential connotations that are manifested in its extra virgin olive oils, those that cover its Denomination of Origin. The geographical environment, the singularities of the area, and the characteristics of the cultivation itself in this region provide unique and exclusive quality variables that are what define the oils of the Sierra de Cazorla Denomination of Origin. It is the objective of the Regulatory Council to protect that the oils with its seal safeguard and enhance those outstanding quality notes in their collection, production and packaging, and at the same time promote them by influencing those same qualities.

Identity and territory

Our olive groves run between this unequaled mountain range, the heart of the Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural Park. And like any unique fruit wrapped in a territory, in this case our oils are watered with all the nuances of this unique Biosphere Reserve. Olivares de Cazorla, Chilluévar, Hinojares, Huesa, La Iruela, Peal de Becerro, Pozo Alcón, Quesada and Santo Tomé are rooted in this green treasure. Precisely that identity of a unique territory, where the countryside intermingles with the mountains, is the main argument for obtaining these olive oils of incomparable sensory magnitude.