Olive oil is one of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet and its beneficial health properties are known to all, but have you ever wondered how EVOO is produced and how much do you know about it? For this we will bring you the Oleotour Cazorla and the Advantages of Oil-tourism.

And it is that visiting one of the most important olive oil producing areas in Spain, such as the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas for its rich landscape and its mart of olive trees, it is impossible to go unnoticed by travelers, history and the curiosities that encompass the olive grove sector.


What is Oil-tourism?

Oil-tourism is a new model of sustainable tourism that was born with the aim of transmitting the excellence of EVOO and making the culture of the olive tree known through training and recreation activities related to olive oil through a varied and wide offer of activities with the olive grove and oil: museums, oil mills, specialized restaurants, rural accommodation, farmhouses, parties, oil tastings and tastings, etc.


Much more than a simple activity, oil-tourism is an experience aimed at making the product, its benefits, culture, history, naturalness and the respectful treatment of the environment known.

For this and much more, you should know the Advantages of Oil-tourism for the visitor to Cazorla


What are the advantages of Oil-otourism?

  • Better knowledge of the product and its uses: one of the main sales of oleotourism is that it allows you to better understand EVOO, its uses and its healthy benefits.
  • Promote healthy habits
  • Sustainable Tourism: Oil-tourism offers us the possibility of enjoying the resources that the earth offers us and creating tourist activities of an environmentally responsible agriculture such as that of the traditional olive grove.
  • Promotes Rural Tourism: Through activities in the middle of nature such as the Sierra de Cazorla
  • Knowledge of an ancestral culture: During your guided tour you will not only get to know the product, but we will also try to convey to you a culture forged over stories of years, the fruit of the offspring that our ancestors have passed down from father to son as a legacy.
  • Opportunity to learn about the EVOO production process: During your visit to our cooperative, we will take a brief tour from the field and its collection, until the olive oil is obtained and its subsequent packaging.
  • Stops rural depopulation: encouraging tourist activities in rural areas severely affected by depopulation.
  • History: Created for more than 3000 years and historical olive trees that exceed more than 2000 thousand years.
  • Curiosities: Olive oil is one of the main foods in Spanish homes, however, we do not know many things about it that would undoubtedly make us appreciate it even more.
  • Art: represented in our 19th century museum and interpretation center
    Gastronomy: In the tour we will realize the wide gastronomy that EVOO offers us and the gastronomic wealth that will await you in the Cazorla region.

Oiltourism, an activity direct to the senses

And it is that oleotourism has come into our lives to revolutionize a sector yet to be discovered, such as the olive oil sector. A direct experience to the senses and of great wealth for the visitor.

During the Oleotour Cazorla guided tour you will be able to discover all the advantages of oil-tourism and delight yourself with the views offered by one of the oil mills with the greatest oil tradition, La Cooperativa Aceites Cazorla.