Guided Tour Oleotour Cazorla (English)

«Visiting Cazorla and not exploring ‘Oleotour Cazorla’ would be like going to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower.»

Enjoy a new Experience: Walk through the olive groves and discover our cellars, bottling process, gardens, museum and we conclude with a tasting of 3 Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

With over 4 million olive trees in the region of Cazorla, our identity is shaped by olive oil…

However, despite being regular consumers, 95% of the Spanish population cannot read labels or select a good oil when buying it in any store.

But what if we could help you choose the best quality one?

→Immerse yourself in the world of olive oil and visit one of the largest oil mills in the world on the «Oleotour Cazorla».

An exciting, fun, and educational journey that will turn you into a true olive oil connoisseur.


The color of oils is really important, are filtered or unfiltered oils better, first cold-pressed or pay attention to the acidity level… These terms may sound familiar or not at all, but don’t worry… We’ll tell you everything!

This tour will guide you through every stage of olive oil production and reveal the best-kept secrets to be able to select and enjoy the best oils.

From the moment we harvest the olives to the final bottling, every step of the production process is unveiled to you.

You will learn to interpret labels and through a captivating tasting session, master the art of recognizing and appreciating excellence in every drop of oil.

We adapt to the needs of each group by customizing the visit according to age, interests, and preferences, guaranteeing a unique and memorable experience for all participants.

Furthermore, on the Oleotour Cazorla, there is also the unique opportunity to visit a thousand-year-old olive tree, recognized as one of Spain’s most emblematic monuments.

If you have any questions, you can contact Laura, our «Oleotour Cazorla» manager, always ready to answer any questions at any time via WhatsApp at 953724021 or by clicking here.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy one of the most comprehensive masterclasses on the market, you can book your tour from Wednesday to Sunday at 10:30 by clicking here.

We also invite you to discover all our other available services, from exciting educational activities for schools and institutes to programs specially designed for seniors and those seeking an inclusive experience.

A minimum of 4 people is required to conduct the tour in English. If there are only two of you, you can reserve by paying for the 4 tickets or contact Laura via WhatsApp to see if there are more requests for the desired day.

Desde: 15.00


Oleotour Cazorla, iniciación a la cultura del AOVE

Oleotour Cazorla es una experiencia única que te adentrará de lleno a la cultura del Olivo y  del complejo proceso de elaboración del AOVE, a través de una Visita Guiada en el Complejo Oleícola de Cazorla (Cooperativa Aceites Cazorla y CRDO Sierra de Cazorla).


  • Detalles de la visita guiada:
    • Historia y tradición aceitera
    • Visita al Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Sierra de Cazorla.
    • Museo Almazara Siglo XVIII
    • Almazara Moderna
    • Cata y degustación
    • Jardín Botánico con más de 60 especias autóctonas
    • Monumento AOVE Can Guitar
    • Recreación Recogida del Olivar
    • Camino entre olivos
    • Recreación en Acuarela
    • Proyección audiovisual

Las actividades propuestas pueden variar en función de las condiciones climatológicas o de la temporada:

  • Duración: 1,5 horas aprox.
  • Idioma: Español, inglés y francés.
  • Punto de Encuentro: Centro Temático Oleotour Cazorla. Recuerda presentarte en las instalaciones 10 minutos antes para validar tu entrada y ser puntuales 😉.
  • Precio:
    • Adultos: 12 €
    • Grupos a partir de 15 personas: 10 €
    • Niños (de 7 a 12 años): 6 €
    • Niños (Menores de 6 años): Gratis
  • Horarios
    • De miércoles a domingo:
      • 1ª Visita: de 10:30 a 12:00
      • 2ª Visita: de 12:15 a 13:45



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